Does Chuck Norris really hold the keys to the universe?

A wise man once said that, “Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer.  Too bad he’s never cried.  Ever.”  I know its true.  You know it.  The American people know it.  It begs the question however.  Do real men cry.  As I dab my eyes and wipe my dripping snot away I say, “Hell yes they cry!”  What man hasn’t cried after waking up from from a short nap after being hit in the knap sack?  Emotionally speaking, men should cry.  Its a sign of strong mental health.  I think it was General Norman Schwarzkopf who said, “Any man who doesn’t cry scares me a little.”  We have to cry over the right things.  I’m not talking about when the Broncos traded Jay Cutler.  Crying over a death – a loved one, a marriage.  You have to be strong enough TO cry.  But as a man, is it okay to cry over other things?  What about stress?  Work, marriage, kids, finances, Brett Michaels still a pop icon?


2 thoughts on “Does Chuck Norris really hold the keys to the universe?

  1. Hey there Drew,
    This is Brandon, (your mom’s partner in crime)….anyhow, thanks for this rad blog…love it. Got my mom reading it too.

    Your mom just told me you were a reader and that you read “religious” books and whatever….(me too), I was wondering if you read any John Eldridge? Wild at Heart, Sacred Romance are a couple of his books, great stuff

    • I have read Eldridge. Wild at Heart, the Way of the Wild Heart. Still working on Sacred Romance. I like his writings for the most part. Thanks for reading my blog!

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