Drew’s Perfect Margarita (I’d pay $$ for this)

2 oz tequila (100% agave)

2 oz triple sec

1 whole lime squeezed, 1/2 if you’re on a budget (it’s the fresh lime juice that sells it)

3 oz Marg mix or to taste (sweeter or less sweet)

Shake with 1/2 shaker if ice. Pour in glass or some other beverage device. Garnish with a wedge of lime if you like.

Enjoy Perfection.


2 thoughts on “Drew’s Perfect Margarita (I’d pay $$ for this)

  1. Hi there, I’m making these for my husband tonight. Did not have Daisy’s Lime Juice, so purchased Rosie’s. Looking forward to them & watching golf. Your mom works with my son, Brandon, & she is so good to him. I feel blessed that she is in his life. Much “trouble in paradise”, but know all will work out one way or another. She has given him some wonderful advice in regards to his wife’s issues.

    I lost my job of 30 years 2 years ago & have just been doing many “honey-do’s” around the house, hiking, golfing & hanging out with grandkids (2, 7 year olds (male/female) & now the 9 month old baby. Loving every minute of it & hoping never to return to “Atlanta” traffic! We have new motto … “less is more” … we tent camp & are very frugal … lots of free fun if you just look for it 🙂 Love to save a $ !!!

    Love CO, visited Breckenridge several years ago to ski. I cried it was
    so beautiful. Want to go back in hiking season. We love to hike & walk when we golf. Saves money without the cart :o)

    Love you site, great info & inspiring. Be safe, have fun … God Bless!

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