staying (at home) power – Stay at home dads

Do you ever get the feeling that the longer you stay at home the more obsolete you are becoming to the rest of the world? How about feeling like once the kids grow up you won’t be able to merge back into the working world into a decent paying job? Like running a race, being a stay-at-home (sah) parent, particularly a dad, is 1/2 mental. Yes, it makes you mental, but you must remain mentally fit to achieve victory in the daily skirmishes, the onslaughts, the quiet. Its tougher for a man because our societal roles have conditioned us to a felt need to provide money for our selves through successful business employ. Its equally as tough and demanding a job for a mom, but that one factor, I would argue, upsets the male mind’s balance of ego: value, importance and significance. In today’s world where women seem to be expected to enter the workforce because being a mom is so debilitating, thanks to the evils of feminism, the female mind may be adopting a similar psyche attribute. But I’m no chick so I’ll leave those who are better anatomically suited to comment on that!
Mind yer mind or ye may feel like this

Mind yer mind or ye may feel like this


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