The mystique of the stay at home dad

He also coined the title, “Pity Da Fool” or “PDF” courtesy the all-American A-Team hero and renowned star of Snickers commercials Mr. T.  He states “[It’s the] Mom who looks at [us] with varying degrees of condescending pity.

I do run into the PDF every now and then, but I find much more frequently the “BAD.  The Broad in Awe of Dad.  She’s the checkout lady, the miss in line, the woman at the bank, the mom’s at dance or karate class who say, “So you have the kids today?” and I reply so self-assuredly, “I have them everyday babe- all FOUR of them.”  Instantly a profound gaze of wonder appears over their faces as they contemplate the miracle of nature before them.  Against all odds, what they could only imagine in a science fiction novel or during their thirth-thousandth time srubbing behind a toilet,  stands before them: the elusive stay-at-home dad.    “A man who does what I do!  If you could only talk to my husband!” they say as their eyes well up with tears.  It’s about that time I smirk and note just how easy this job is.  “You know, watching Jerry Springer, drinking beer and eating left over fish sticks, breaded and dreaded.  Its paradise.”  “Way easier than the business world.” I reply.  “Now THAT’S work!  Hey, when the kids remember their hunger, I toss them their 1000th fruit snack and get back to Madden ’09 on the Wii.”  This usually results in a mouth a gape to which I fling out the old rescue, “I’m only kidding!” The BAD is restored.

Don't drop that gogurt!

These spanx rub!

When my wife is enjoying her 3rd free business lunch of the week and I’m eating Ramen and hot pockets again, (not that often) I remind myself that even though the reality is, it is the toughest job I’ve ever had, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  The time spent with the kids, watching them grow into real people with all our good qualities, and bad, is truly priceless.  <I had to pause here to put my youngest son in timeout for hitting his sister> Plus being a stay at home dad of mystique ain’t all that bad either.  It’s like being James Bond, but with juice boxes.


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