Or of the stay at home dad…


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Balloon Boy – just a pop and a corn away

The story that has captivated the world for the past few days began only 6 short miles from our house.  I remember feeling so sad for the family while at the same time angry at their stupidity for creating circumstances that would allow a 6 yr old boy to fly 50 miles from home at heights of 20,000 ft.  Of course that all pales in comparison to the truth surfacing now – that it was all a hoax.  Now my heart breaks for those 3 kids.  That their parents are so narcissistic.  That their dad may be abusive to his wife.  That they may lose their kids to the state for their actions.  That their parents Richard and Mayumi Heene may go to prison.  All in the pursuit of fame and money.

No boy - just hot air

 When I was younger people used to surprise me at the evil that they were capable of, but now nothing surprises me.  I know anyone, anywhere at anytime is capable of the most heinous evil not even imaginable.   Unless people believe and subscribe to a moral idea outside of themselves there is no lasting restraint available.  We either live for ourselves or we live for God.  Even Mr. T doesn’t have enough pity for those two fools.

Waterskiiing in an Indian Summer?

I just hit the water this morning with my bud Steve and it was COLD!  Skiing Boyd Lake is a blast on a Tuesday morning because the water is almost glass and only a smattering of fisherman drift on the fringes and in the coves.  At almost 35, I’m still learning how to ski.  This was my best day yet crossing the wake and getting more comfortable.  My last 5 vertebrae are still sore from when I bit it 2 weeks ago trying to get up on a slalom and folded backwards like an accordion.  We’ll hit it again Thursday and hopefully stave off paralysis.  I also realized that the reason I feel like I have been in a UFC cage fight is because I am not very good at water skiing.